Birthday Party Ideas That Take The Cake

Birthday parties can be pretty overwhelming to plan. Many parents and caregivers work tirelessly to ensure their child has the perfect day. We all have the one birthday party that stands out to us from when we were younger, and we want to provide that same feeling of joy for our kids. Luckily, the modern […]

The Top Health Benefits of Bowling

Bowling is a sport that has one of the richest histories and dates back about 4,000 years to Rome and Greece. If you love to bowl, you aren’t alone. In fact, over 25% of all Americans go bowling annually, which makes it the biggest participating sport.  Today, bowling is a $4 billion industry, and there […]

Fun Stuff!

When you’re experiencing the winter doldrums, or you have a slow day in any of the other seasons, come on down to Plainfield Lanes and get your game up toward the 300 mark. Or just have fun! There’s a lot more to our place than bowling – although of course, bowling is the centerpiece. When […]

Five Foods For a Kickin-Butt Super Bowl Party

Where are you going to spend your night enjoying the championship? NFL fans can file into Plainfield Lanes and enjoy the game in a warm and relaxed setting, with some very tasty plates – not to mention a spot in one of the most interesting bowling “halls” around.  Here are five of these savories that […]

Why Hosting Your Corporate Event In a Bowling Alley Is a Wise Move

Businesses around the globe spend around $325 billion a year on corporate events. Hosting corporate events is a great way for a business to focus on their employees for a night. If you are trying to find the right venue to host an upcoming event, you need to do your homework before making a selection. […]

New Year’s Eve Bowling Parties for 2021

It isn’t really almost time for New Year’s Eve again, is it? A lot of us are in denial because we haven’t gotten to Christmas yet. But if you want to plan your New Year’s Eve celebration, you don’t really have a long time. There are only a few weeks left.  Luckily, we’ve got you […]

Great Tips For Hosting a Bowling Party For Your Child’s Birthday

One of the most important days in a child’s year is their birthday. The average parent is willing to spend a lot of money to make this day special for their children. Throwing a party that your child and their friends will remember for years to come is easier said than done. The first step […]

Four Things To Know About Our Bank Heist Escape Room

Yes, we have the best bowling around, but we don’t just have league bowling and events like fast lanes and family date night. We also have a cutting-edge escape room where you and a team can try your capabilities in an imaginative environment. Here are four things you can know about our Bank Heist escape […]

Corporate Bowling Party Amenities

Are you looking for a place where you can take your team where you’re not going to be shouted at while you do karaoke? (For those of you that know the Dunder-Mifflin reference)… or are you just looking for a classic bowling experience for a party or corporate event? Either way, we’ve got you covered. […]