Four Things To Know About Our Bank Heist Escape Room

Yes, we have the best bowling around, but we don’t just have league bowling and events like fast lanes and family date night. We also have a cutting-edge escape room where you and a team can try your capabilities in an imaginative environment.

Here are four things you can know about our Bank Heist escape room attraction before you go!

Duration: How Long Does This thing Last?

“The alarm systems have been silenced for one hour!…”

In the Bank Heist escape room, you have 60 minutes to do whatever you can to solve this puzzle and conquer the challenge. The authorities are on the way to shut you down!

When the clock starts ticking, you and your companions can put all of your skills to the test – logic and problem solving included. This isn’t like looking at a sheet of paper and figuring out things academically. There’s something to be said for the vibrance of this kind of simulation, where you can lean into the challenge in an experiental way. You really have to experience it!

Will I Win? Success Rate

If you want to know, only 35% of our customers end up solving the escape room in time. So if you’re able to get your hands on the money, you will have bragging rights all around.

Why We Built It: It’s Fun!

Why design an escape room situation in a bowling alley?

You could say it’s to diversify our entertainment access business plan, but if you’re less of a bean-counter, you could also say it’s just good fun…

We see firsthand the enjoyment that people get out of submerging themselves in an entirely new experience, entering a new reality and using their own resources to figure out how to succeed. Frankly speaking, there’s just not enough of this in modern life, and so people have to seek out this kind of fun, enjoyment and challenge wherever they can. Some people like to go rock climbing. Others turn to online gambling. Chess is fun. But the escape room as a pastime is being looked at more and more, and this kind of fun is on the rise.

How Many Can Play? 

We set this up for teams of 2 to 8 players. Call us for large groups and ask about everything that we have available including food and events. In fact, call us with any questions about anything, because we can help you to set the stage for an event that’s going to be really cool and a good time. 



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